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There is no way to move beyond our prejudices without humility;


America: Civility Gets More Done 

There is a remnant of the GOP speaking out for practicality. The arm of the party responsible for the win has a mandate within the party; and it's agenda is plowing through to the horror of many democrats and the... Continue Reading →

The Laundry Prayer

There is so much to do in the day. It's the little things that seem to get in the way of what we really want to get done; cleaning, grooming, child rearing, cooking, etc.  We are in a constant push... Continue Reading →

America: Returning to Civility

Cringeworthy may describe current American political discourse (not referring to anyone in particular - just the back and forth between them) Statesmanship and civility seem to be scarce resources these days.  Some say we have never been through such tumult; with... Continue Reading →

Wisdom says forgive to stay healthy. 

What does one do upon encountering a hungry lion? Run or grab a branch and fight? I guess it depends on the circumstances. What happens after? That's also important. In times of conflict our possible options are often limited by... Continue Reading →

When nostalgia gets in the way …

Who would send a World War 2 era B-17 into battle today? I’m no military expert but I would guess she’s better suited for a museum than for battle. The plane is a beauty to look at … all polished up ...... Continue Reading →

Powerfully Stated

Our self-esteem becomes volatile when how we value ourselves depends on how we match up to others.  When you have no doubts about your worth, when you remember who loves you, and who has your back - doors will open! ... Continue Reading →

Heavy Weight Financial Advice

Sometimes the best advice given is based upon principles that seem obvious, simple, and commonly known. The power in that advice lies in its disciplined application; those who follow through-reap a harvest. It's not easy to remain focused on reaching... Continue Reading →

This was the day…

It makes a difference what attitude you have when you start the day, how you run the day, and henceforth - how the day ends. The final result is mostly in our power to determine. The multitude of circumstances that... Continue Reading →

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