It makes a difference what attitude you have when you start the day, how you run the day, and henceforth – how the day ends. The final result is mostly in our power to determine.

The multitude of circumstances that we face each day may shake us up, they may even postpone certain tasks, but in the end our attitude can and will determine if we move closer to our final goal(s).

What’s the target?

The word itself implies an element of the absolute. If we do not reach it by 5 p.m. guilt and/or frustration may set in. This emotional state may cloud our judgement and steal the ability to enjoy the blessings available to us at the present moment. This triggers a domino effect and creates memories that perhaps could have been better if not for those feelings. But it was not the fault of the emotions but of the thinking that led to them. Guilt in not meeting the task is just another obstacle to overcome. You tried your best and tomorrow you will get another chance.

Therefore what this day is…is up to you to decide.

Stay focused. Stay happy.